Bobcat Services Melbourne


Rubbish Removal / Green Waste

Rubbish removal is a common requirement for our melbourne bobcat service. Our bobcat and 10-tonne tipper takes care of removing bricks, concrete and green waste far more efficiently, and more cost effectively than a skip bin.

There can be all types of rubbish on a your site that needs removal. We supply bobcat equipment and 10-tonne tiptruck, along with skilled operators for site clean ups on commercial and residential sites in Melbourne.

We will leave your site clean and tidy, ready for the next stage of your project.


Spreading of Topsoil, Crushed Rock, Gravel, Mulch

If you have a top soil, mulch or crushed rock to spread over a garden bed or lawn area, it can be a large job to get done with spade and wheelbarrow. Our melbourne bobcat service can make this process easy and quick.


Lawn Digging and Re-Turfing

Removing lawn is an easy job for our bobcat. Save yourself some labour and have our bobcat and operator remove any size lawn from your site.

Our melbourne bobcat service includes preparing the surface soil for re-turfing if required. We can scrape the soil down to a desired depth to allow space for new turf and soil.

Using our bobcat service is more efficient and often much more cost effective than alternatives such as a skip bin. There can be quite a bit of excess soil if you are re-turfing, and our tip truck comes in handy here.

Lawn digging is a large job if done by hand, but a breeze for our bobcat and 10-tonne tipper.


Landscape Preparation

When preparing an area for landscaping purposes, our bobcat and operator can get the job done. Whatever your landscaping requirements, digging, shaping, levelling, re-turfing, we can do it all at great rates.

We are able to get your site prepared and ready for landscaping to begin. We have the right equipment, and the right operators to ensure that your site is prepared to requirements.


Site Clearing and Levelling

We can take care of levelling surfaces for lawns and, gardens, paving works, timber decking, concrete laying, shed foundations or anything else that requires a levelled surface.

Bobcat And Tiptruck Hire Melbourne can get your project on solid footing by levelling and clearing any surface to your requirements.

We perform clearing and levelling of sites of any size, residential sites or commercial sites, building sites or backyards, we can prepare level surfaces precisely and efficiently.


Soil removal

Our bobcat and truck can easily move and dispose of excess soil you need removed. Our medium bobcat has great small space access also, and can remove soil from backyards and hard to reach areas.


Concrete & Paving Preparation

Preparing for concreting works or paving is made easy with our bobcat.


Renovation and Construction

We can help out if you are performing renovation or construction. From preparing the site initially, to removing the excess waste when the job is done. Our melbourne bobcat service can be a handy addition to a renovation or construction project.

We work together with other contractors such as landscapers, pavers and concreters to prepare for all types of renovation and construction jobs. pergolas and decking, paved areas as well as situation of rocks for retaining walls and stone walls. We can spread all loose materials such as gravel, rock, mulch or topsoil to create stunning landscape design.

When you hire a bobcat with us you are hiring top bobcat equipment as well as an experienced operator. Let the bobcat do the heavy lifting, save yourself time and effort, and get your construction or renovation job done on time.


General Cleanup

If you are starting a new project there can be all sorts of general hard rubbish, fencing, green waste to remove.

Whether you are a builder, landscaper, or property owner our melbourne bobcat service can assist you in removing any unwanted rubbish or waste.

Our 10 tonne tipper and bobcat will take care of rubbish removal from your site including all construction waste, tree roots or stumps, grass and vegetation, paving, concrete and bricks.

Our bobcat and tiptruck can clear your site so you can get rid your site from the mess and clutter so that you can see exactly what you have to work with.


Driveway Preparation

Preparing a new driveway or repairing and existing driveway? Let our bobcat do the hard work. We clear and level areas as required, and can also spread material such as stone, rock or gravel. Let our bobcat prepare a precision finish for your driveway.